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Geographically Tamansari Village is a village at the near of Mount ijen that stores a million natural potentials and diversity of culture, Tamansari village is 14 km from the center of Banyuwangi city. a culture that is still thick becomes a special attraction, this village not only stores the beauty of natural landscape of Ijen Crater and the charm of blue fire but culinary and cultural traditions presented in the form of a gandrung rushing event you can also enjoy In addition to providing tour packages we often become an object of imitating study from other villages who want to develop the concept of Tourist Village. We also always hope that other villages will grow to the develope of the economy of the wider community who are aware of tourism.

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Enjoy you’r holiday with us with a fun experience with family or group that will add to the excitement of vacation. We are also happy to share and share experiences for other villages who want to do a study imitating

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